We are the people of Saidnaya, Syria through birth, ancestry, and marriage. Brave and adventurous people who challenged the unknown for a better life in the Americas. The Saidnaya Reunion is a celebration of the "Saidnaya Family". Our Family shares a rich cultural heritage that dates back to antiquity when man first lived in the caves of Qernet Ghereh, Sherubeem, and Mar Touma to the creation of the luxury homes of the plains of Saidnaya.

The Saidnaya Reunion was started in 1978 by Alice Mesalem of Indianapolis, Indiana as a means for the Saidnayan people and their descendents to remain in contact with each other. She has given us a way to meet, learn, and exchange ideas on a personal level. Although, called back to God she is forever in our hearts.

The 2012 Saidnaya Reunion will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Planning the reunion has been fun, exciting, and educational but the best part would be meeting you here. Saidnayans your trip to Grand Rapids is not a journey into the unknown but a return "Home".

SaidnayaReunion.com provides extensive and up to date to information about the 2012 Saidnaya Reunion to be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 29th, 30th, and July 1st.